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Who We Are

Gillespie & Steel Associates Ltd. is a Caribbean company offering full Architectural Services, Interior Design Services, Urban Planning and Project Management Services to our clients throughout the Eastern Caribbean and beyond.

Our approach to design places considerable emphasis on problem solving in the Caribbean context, producing solutions that work well within the climatic, financial and technical constraints of the region. We have made studies of traditional Island Architecture and from this wealth of background information, have been able to develop the use of traditional design elements in a contemporary way to produce an updated Caribbean Architectural style.  

Our well qualified, experienced, and technical personnel are committed to providing a high standard of service through design quality, attention to detail and cost control, which results in the successful completion of projects on program and within budget.

GSA Studio is a Toronto based Architectural and Interior Design practice registered with the OAA providing services to our clients in the GTA and beyond.

We are looking forward to expanding the reach of our offering by providing quality service through our attention to detail and our commitment to helping our clients achieve their dreams.

Our Team

Our well qualified professional and technical staff offer a personalized service to all of our clients. Their combined qualifications, experience and skills acquired collectively and individually throughout the Caribbean, United Kingdom and North America provide an effective and efficient project design and implementation team.

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