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Bruce Jardine

Director, Registered Architect 

A big kid at heart both at home and within the Office, Bruce is most passionate about Barbados, its history and built heritage. Having studied Architecture at Strathclyde University in Scotland, he joined GSA in 1990 and has continued GSA’s widely renowned reputation as the leading Historic Restoration firm on the island. 


When Bruce is not hiking the hills on the Island’s East Coast or collecting and helping to preserve Barbados’ antiques and artifacts, he can be found in the workplace applying his critical eye for detail and talent for problem-solving to his many projects.  


A member of both the Barbados Institute of Architects (BIA) and the Royal Institute of Architects (RIBA), Bruce dreams of one day being actively involved in the restoration of Barbados' historic “Empire Theatre”, a gem that is presently falling to ruin.

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