Beach View

St. James, Barbados

A new development of 19 apartments connected to the Beach View boutique hotel set amongst five acres of lushly landscaped gardens. The new accommodations combine elegance and charm with modern finishes, fully equipped kitchens, en suite bedrooms, spacious open plan living & dining spaces and all the comforts of home. The ample space makes them perfect for families. The large, inviting reception area provides concierge services as well as a small gym, salon and spa services. These conveniences, along with an open air restaurant serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, combine to provide all the ingredients for a totally hassle free holiday home in Barbados.

Preferred Contact: 

Beach View Barbados



Gillespie & Steel Associates Ltd.

Dormers, Prior Park, St. James Barbados WI  Tel (246) 425 - 1356

GSA Studio Inc.

620 Wilson Avenue, Suite 225 Toronto, ON M3K 1Z3

Tel (647) 351 - 7797