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GSA Goes to Polo! 


JUNE 18TH, 2015

On Saturday May 9, 2015, Gillespie and Steel was proud to sponsor a team at the “From Marrakesh with Love” 2015 Scotiabank Rotary West Polo Challenge at the Apes Hill Polo Club, St. James, Barbados.

Our team was headed by the talented Danny Atwell with an impressive 3 goal handicap. He was joined by the young, up and coming player Josh Archer (-2 goal), as well as Jason Oselmo (-1 goal). We were also pleased to have the President of the Barbados Polo Association, Wayne Archer (2 goal) on our side.

Ours was the first match of the evening and we played against the Scotiabank team comprising Pablo Crespin (3 goal), Richard Gooding (2 goal), Roddy Davis (0 goal) and the effervescent Linda Williams (-2 goal).

Our team played a competitive match but in the end were on the losing side by a 5 – 2 margin.

This was also a special night in another way as the Guinness Book of Records was on hand to present Sir Charles Williams with a certificate for being the oldest active polo player, playing a winning match at the age of 82 years and 166 days. The record was previously held by Mr. Hammie Smith of South Africa who played in September 2004 at the age of 75 years and 3 days. We congratulate Sir Charles and are confident that his record will stand for years to come!

In the interim, much fun was had by all!

(Professional photos compliments Andre Williams)

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